Sunday, September 2, 2012

TTVBT: The Perfect Fit

I am a writer. How many times have you heard that? There are so many people out there thinking they’re writers. What makes me different? The fact that I write. What do I write, you ask? Romance.

My first book, Perfect, is a contemporary romance looking for a publisher. Here’s a tease:

Alexandra Daniels is a forty-something, mom, wife and hard-working employee. Her life has been plodding along at a snails pace and she’s longing for excitement. She wins a trip to her favorite talk show in New York, the Veronica Becker Show, and it just so happens the actor of her dreams is a guest, Derek Dunbar! Is Alex’s life about to change?

Derek Dunbar is Scottish, an actor and a hunk! Every woman in America drools after him. He has his pick of women but stinks at relationships. At forty, is he longing for a more meaningful relationship? Does he even know how to have one? Is he willing to make the effort or will it just be too complicated?

My second book I’m writing with a partner, Mitch Mitchell. It’s an erotic romance, untitled, written under my pen name Addison Murray. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year.

I’ll have one more erotic and five more contemporary planned. You might ask, where do your ideas come from? Well, everyday life, the crazy things my friends do and the voices in my head, Muses some call them. Will I ever run out of ideas? I doubt it. Life always has something going on that sparks an idea. 

Linda Bolton is an aspiring contemporary romance writer.  She is looking for a publisher for her first book, Perfect.  While working on a future projects Linda can be found:

Linda Bolton

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